1 Welcome

Section 1

January 2021

This website is a combination of other similar websites and is being rebuilt into a new website – please bear with us whilst the work is completed (being a hobby, it will not be quick).  All sections contain a considerable amount of information but require updating and in some areas reorganising.

1 Welcome Updates to this section are complete
2 Remembrance Updates complete.  This section is a series of pages about individual Remembrance events or items
3 War Memorials Covering all the War Memorials in Tutbury.  This section will be put into the correct structure with all the necessary components but will not have the text updated until the War Memorials book has been completed.
4 SCWM at 100 Update pending.  From the original 1920’s building of the SCWM (Stone Cross War Memorial) to the 21st century conservation.
5 TWMPC Update pending.  All about the Tutbury War Memorials Preservation Committee (TWMPC)
6 The Project Update pending.  Detailing the conservation of the SCWM and other conservation activities

The phrase “Tutbury Remembers” has been used by the Tutbury War Memorials Preservation Committee since the early part of the WWI Centenary.

A site-map will be found at Site Map and a list of the pages in this section (1 Welcome) is given below – on completion of this rebuild this page will be absorbed into the Introduction page.

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